Blackthorn Dalmatians
Don & Sara Pruyne
1234 Patch Mountain Rd
Greenwood ME  04255

Owners of Dalmatians since 1982
Multi-Talented Multi Titled

Our dogs are pets first - show and
performance dogs just to keep us
A Little About What We Do

Our Dalmatians have competed in a variety of
activities in both the United States and Canada.  
Click the links to see them in:
Tracking  -  Corey Tracking video
Road Trials

As we start to focus our breeding program on
LUA Dalmatians, you can follow our progress

Pups from our most recent litter have all gone
to their new homes, but you can see their
pictures here:
Corey & Selia First Litter
Corey & Selia Second Litter
Maks & Spring puppy page
Zen & Luan Puppy page**

A little out of date, but you can learn about the
Low Uric Acid Dalmatian program here
Tracking Dalmatians - Our FAVORITE Dalmatian activity!