CH Windylane Snowcap Panda CDX RD
08/27/1989 - 07/17/2000
Companion Dog:        05/25/1991
Road Dog:        8/8/1992
Championship:        9/5/1992
Road Dog:        8/8/1992

We acquired Windy as our first show dog and she sure taught us a lot.  In the obedience ring she way my
"Maybe I will, Maybe I won't" girl, but I persevered and she did earn titles.  To this day I think she didn't realize
she was doing every right on the day she earned her title.  The next day for a bumper leg she did a miserable
performance.  Her one score of 30 out of a possible 200 will always stick in my mind.

Bred only once her all bilateral litter produced 2 champions.